We Centwin Pte Ltd, facilitate Bank Guarantees to our Clients from well-known banks from many countries to its Clients. Clients get their business unaffected and secured.

Letter of Credit

Due to distance, unknown buyer or seller, and various Laws of each Country, it is very much needed for every importer or exporter of any Country to use the instrument called Letter of Credit. We facilitate our Clients to obtain these LCs as per their requirements from various banks and financial institutions. There are various LCs that we, Centwin Pte Ltd arrange for our esteemed Clients, which are Documentary Letter of Credit (LC)at sight, Deferred Payment LC, etc.

This improves the trustworthiness of our Clients in the International Trade Industry and makes their business transactions competent and successful.

Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee is a type of financial instrument offered by a lending bank. The issuing bank will ensure that the liabilities of a debtor will be honored. Bank Guarantee is an Instrument issued by Banks as security. A Bank Guarantee is used in various international and cross-border transactions like contractual works, buying machinery. It is the security given by a bank in favor of its Clients for certain money value towards their contracts or purchase orders. We, Centwin Pte Ltd, successfully facilitate our Clients' all types of bank guarantees.

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

We facilitate SBLC also to our Clients, which are in other words called Non-performing Letter of Credit. It is issued by a Bank on behalf of its Client against the payment to the Beneficiary when the Client is not able to complete the obligation as per the contract between him and a third party.

RWA & Proof of funds

We arrange RWA Letter to our Clients who need it in the due course of business, which is usually sent from a buyer’s bank to the seller’s bank and is commonly sent together with a SWIFT MT-799

We arrange POF too, for our Clients and the purpose of the proof of funds document is to ensure that the funds needed to execute the transaction fully are accessible and legitimate

Other Services

The Team members of Centwin Pte Ltd have a combined experience of more than 40 years in dealing with bulk commodities such as iron ore, coal, and clinker

Trade Financing

It represents the facilitation of financial instruments to international trade. Risk mitigation is important in import/export businesses. The main aim is to reduce the payment risk and supply risk between parties. The exporter gets his payment assured and the importer gets extended credit

  • Documentary collection
  • Trade credit insurance
  • Fine trading
  • Supply chain finance

Trade Structuring

The Team members of Centwin Pte Ltd have a combined experience of more than 40 years in dealing with bulk commodities such as iron ore, coal, and clinker.

The services offered
  • Sourcing the compatible end-user and end supplier
  • Drafting of sales and purchase contracts
  • Studying and reviewing the payment model, studying and offering advice on the terms of a letter of credit or any type of accepted trade payment instrument
  • Preparing a checklist for workflow from production till the arrival of the vessel at discharge port
  • Preparing checklist of documents for smooth LC negotiation
  • Preparation of MIS reports to customer periodically
  • Monitoring the quality, loading, and discharge
  • Thermal Coal from Indonesia
  • Clinker from Indonesia
  • Iron Ore from India

Project Financing

We facilitate the funding finance for long-term industrial projects. The long loan structure relieves the project owners to spare their resources for other investments and running capital. The repayment mainly depends on the cash flow of the project and the project owners will be in their comfort zone while repaying the huge borrowings automatically from the ongoing project. It is better to show the debts and liabilities off-balance sheet, as such the project owners can perform in a bold and clear phase.


Documentation Expertise

CENTWIN has a team of personnel with years of experience to consult and assist with all your documentation needs.

of Credit


of Funds,

About Us

Centwin Pte Ltd, Singapore is duly registered under the laws of the Republic of Singapore and engaged in the business of Banking and Trade Finance Consultancy Services

We and our associates render our services in facilitating financial instruments to our Clients for over 6 years. We are a committed team to fulfill our customers’ requirements as per their business objectives

Centwin Pte Ltd provides international trade and finance services to its Clients with its exclusive network around the world

To maintain our Clients satisfied, we always offer our best in getting their financial solutions based on their business needs

We aim to facilitate the financial instruments to our clients in a professional manner. We give our clients confidence and comfort in their business and help them to get their business done 100% successfully.

Communication is the key factor for every success in today’s businesses. Especially for global businesses the know-how and contacts play vital roles. In that aspect, both the Promoters and the Managers of Centwin Pte Ltd, have a combined experience of more than 30 years in this field. With our wide network, we have the perfect structure to fulfill the requirements of our clients, globally.


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